My Vintage Star Wars Toy Part 1

I have several shelves of Star Wars toys in my office.  The top of shelf one is pictured below.  In this portion of the my collection, one of my vintage Millennium Falcons, my vintage Landspeeder, my vintage B-Wing and my Vintage Collection X-Wing Fighter, which was a Toys R Us exclusive.

I will be going through my collection and posting more photos soon.  Follow me on Twitter and Instagram
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About Art with Jimmy

Jimmy is a life long Muppet and Star Wars fan. Jim Henson and George Lucas are two of the individuals that he looks to as visionaries who have helped to shape not only entertainment but the lives of countless people by inspiring others to create, write, share and perform.  Jimmy also hosts and produces several podcasts including The Muppets Podcast with Jimmy in GA, The Random City Podcast, and others.
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